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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 5, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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of her 14 challengers declared victory on twitter. >> runs got control of the senate winning big for the g.o.p. thats for joining us, the morning after election day. we will have complete election coverage but first we will get a look at the weather and traffic starting with meteorologist mike nicco. thank you. good morning on this when. happy hump day. our weather window shows a few high clouds and otherwise we start off with sun and temperatures are milder this morning at 53 around the bay and low-to-mid 70 at noon and 4:00 and 65 at 7:00, and not is cool this evening and no fog right now and inland valleys if you see some let me know. we are in the low 70 at noon and
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mid-60's at 7:00 and check out the coast with the light breeze you are 55 this morning but low-to-mid 70's this afternoon. become to 60's by 7:00. leyla gulen? >> we have the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is slow. metering lights were turned on late. normally they turn on 20 minutes before but this morning it was 5:50 so it is 15 minutes from the east bay to san francisco. along the eastern span of the bay bridge we have a few extra cars and more crowded to treasure island. to the east bay the drive over the altamont pass is slow and sluggish at 24 miles per hour. the first accident of the morning is westbound along 580 a hit-and-run accident with one lane blocked possibly pushed to the shoulder but, still, slow-and-go to dublin. your voice, your vote, the
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most choosely watched contests is to close to call, the race for mayor. sam lib lick is -- sam liccardo is leading dave cortese but anyone can yet claim victory. matt? >> we knew it would be close. it did not disappointed with all precincts reporting, same liccardo is leading by 2,100 votes but there are more main in -- more mail in ballots to count and they could swing the election. there are a third to half of the 1120,000 from san jose so tens of thousands of votes still need to be counted. sam liccardo and dave cortese said this will be time before the winner is clear. they will count the mail ins today and plan on updates before
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5 p.m. >> 2,000 votes is not over until you are down counting the 120,000 more votes. >> with a contest this close the number of ballots we have can make a difference. an interesting map from the registrar showing the precincts where each candidate received the most: green is liccardo and blue is cortese. cortese won a majority of the east san jose and liccardo won the majority of west san jose. the regular exterior has four weeks to certify the election which is december 2. if the race is still closes one of candidates could ask for a recount but they have to pay for it. the other nightmare's -- the other tight race for mayor,
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libby schaaf has the lead with 62.8 percent of the vote and kaplan came in 2nd with 37 percent and schaaf receive add boost with key endorsements and governor brown and senator boxer and schaaf declared victory on twitter saying he is honored by the results and the people are clear they are looking for a new direction for oakland. >> governor brown will remain in sacramento for four years for unprecedented fourth temperature -- term as governor. >> he will be 80 when the term expires. he won over neel kashkari who conceded saying he is not done with politics and will run again. >> governor brown said and i quote, "grateful to the people for giving me confidence of a four the time in california where they called us a failed state and we now show the way." >> in congress, republicans
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increased their lead in the congress but in the bay area democrats are firmly in control. district 17 contest with democrat versus democrat, 73-year-old mike honda backed by the democratic party and labor unions with challenger 38-year-old ro khanna grew support from the tech community. district 17 is the first asian-american house district outside hawaii with honda with 52 percent and ro khanna at 48 percent. local house of representatives races including nancy pelosi, no surprise, the house minority leader defeated the republican with 82 percent and she is so confident that she stayed in washington. barbara lee in the democratic 13th district has 87 percent of vote to 13 percent for the opponent. >> republican challenged jackie
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speier phone the house of representatives on the peninsula and it was not close with jackie speier with 76 percent. >> in the senate for the first time in eight years republicans have control of the upper chamber. the g.m. scored seven seat -- the again g.o.p. scored seven seats. three states have not been called, including alaska and louisiana. you are right, they are counting so it could be worse for democrats. the power has changed in washington, dc. republicans have complete control of congress after voters took out their anger on rebound -- on president obama. >> it was a blow out by a couple of touchdowns riding antiobama
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wave. >> the experiment in big government has lasted long enough. it is time to go if if -- in a new direction. >> g.o.p. pick the up seats in arkansas, south dakota and west virginia and won in north carolina, and colorado and iowa. iowa was a zing to president obama because that is the state that launched his national career. >> there are a lot of disappointed people including me. >> republicans dominated in governor'sations -- governor's races and knocked off the democratic governor from the president obama's whom state of illinois. >> this was a national election and national wave with senators and governors and house members, anti democratic off the board. >> a big milestone, the next congress will have 100 women including the first black
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republican woman elected. after the defeat, president obama must new forge a new path forward working with republicans >> that could start on friday, the budget has invited the republican and democratic congressional leaders to the white house to talk about where they go from here. "time" magazine is wasting in time getting the next issue out, senate majority leader mcconnell with "change," models after posters during president obama's first run for the white house in 2008. >> and president obama is on the cover of the "daily news," with "nope," rain than "hope." >> nothing to be angry about in the forecast.
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>> you could be plenty happy. >> that is right. we will check with mike. >> you can "vote" for different weather but mother nature may not listen. >> today is the warmer day at the coast and i will show you the water temperatures above average at 58 at bodega bay and 61 in monterey bay and warm water species are being seen that have not been seen for 30 years off of our coat -- coast. >> palo alto and foster city at 52. belmont is 54. a lot of home 50's around the bay shore. deeper inland, san jose is 49. mid-to-upper 40's through the inland east bay valley and the north bay. today, the temperatures are
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running one to five degrees warmer than 24 hours ago a spring board to warmer weather. you can see the lack of clouds in walnut creek with 7- to 12-degrees warmer-than-average. >> bart is become to normal with 48 trains on time but ace train one is seven minutes late and ace train three and five are on time but at dublin we have the first crash and only crash westbound 580 the hit-and-run accident with one lane blocked. slow-and-go traffic away from this area and between 680 to the boulevard, no problems whatever. at 238, that is where the brakes 101 northbound, you can see late construction just being picked
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up. breaking news, police in san francisco are trying to find the driver of a tanker truck. the deadly accident is tied to the search. >> new details in the abduction caught on camera with a clue investigators are following 100 miles away from the seen of the crime. >> more election results.
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. in san francisco, police are looking for the tanker truck and driver that hit and killed a pedestrian. the driver took off. we are in the tenderloin with more. >> police are still investigating the cause of the accident. if you are familiar with this area you will know we are near the popular souled for restaurant, farmer brown. the video shot when we arrived, an 18-wheeler possibly a gasoline truck hit and killed a man in his mid-30's. the truck is a double tanker
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fuel truck, silver, with dark colored cab. because of the side of the truck and darkness of the hour, cops are not certain the driver is aware he hit and killed someone. right now, investigators do not have much to work with but are looking to the possibility that it was refueling pumps at a car rent am area which is the subject of pedestrian improvement efforts including lighting and street widening. they have not elected the truck or the driver and are asking anyone with information contact the san francisco police department. thank you, nick. in philadelphia area, police say a bank card belonging to a woman abducted on sunday was used in maryland the next morning. security foot average show as man using carlesha freeland gaither's card at 6:00 a.m. at an a.t.m. 75 miles away from
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philadelphia less than nine hours after carlesha freeland gaither was reported abducted. other foot average shows the nursing assistant struggling as the man carries her to a parked car. there is in reason to believe she necessities her kidnapper. we will see what the wednesday after the election looks like weather-wise. a campaign of what? >> sun. warm weather. if you voted for that, you would win. >> and we always vote for you. so we always win. >> they were bidding for me to clean their yards earlier. that get turned around quickly. >> now, live doppler 7 hd shows the clouds are well offshore with light sea breeze gone and the light offshore wind or land breeze developing and a fog-free morning and the golden gate bridge and light winds and not a cross wind there with lights coming at us from the north bay.
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sunny and warm today and coastal fog brings you more cooling than the rest of us, and the land breeze or offshore wind develops this weekend and temperatures are warm. in the south bay, 76 with sun and upper 70's to low 80's throughout the santa clara valley with san jose at 79 in the middle and milbrae at 76 and everyone else is up to 80 on the peninsula. pool weather! low 70 along the chest. mid-70's in south san francisco and sausalito. 79 toup degrees through the north by valley and the east bay sure from 76 at berkeley to 79 in fremont and hercules and 80 in castro valley and a few more 80's inland at fairfield and live more and danville.
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tonight you can see a few high clouds over our bay and inland and low clouds more dominant as the sea breeze returns with temperatures in the upper 40's and low-to-mid 50's for the rest of us. our high pressure is squeezed to the south and strong enough we are deeper into the dry forecast so if you wonder about that, it is moving ashore and mazatlan is more of a wind producer. the seven-day forecast shows mid-60's for a cooling. everyone else is cooler. saturday and sunday, should rival the warmth today and the biggest cooling trend is middle of next week. >> we are headed to san jose with two vehicles? the center divider away from the 280 and 680 split to the nimitz
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where it eases and closer to the san jose airport it slows. the dumbarton is 65 miles per hour and newark to east palo alto is top speeds and a look at the san mateo bridge traffic is slowing from hayward. to the peninsula it will take you 10 minutes right now. coming up, twitter's proposal for san francisco. >> everyone knew the new album of taylor swift with be popular but just how popular is really surprising much. >> more election results across the bay area.
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>> good morning on wednesday at 6:22. across the bay you can see the sun rising, and casting an orange glow in the sky with clouds out there making the picture extra beautiful. what do you see in the clouds? this is one of those
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i see a phoenix. a bird. >> rising from the ashes. >> and now "good morning america" at 7:00. >> coming up at "good morning america", republicans taking control of the senate and making big gains. we have comps covering all of the big races with the complete wrapup next on "good morning america" in 37 minutes. despite good behavior the suspension for aldon smith will not be reduced. espn's nine game suspense for nine games will last nine games. this lobbies smith to return when the 49ers take on the giants on november 16. >> the dallas cowboys are trending but not the way they want, because of an unfortunate
6:24 am
hashtag. cowboys u.k., to promote the game against the jacksonville jog wires in london but if you look at the hashtag u.k., it sounds like something else. there are a lot of fans, especially eagle fans saying, you just do that. >> a word that is something likes -- it rhymes with "puck." >> okay...and now, twitterrents to link two buildings in san francisco mid-market neighborhood with a skyway that would connect the massive headquarters on market street
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with a building on 10th and covers an alley. twitter said employees waste valuable time crossing the alley and going back up into the building and they have the plans but so for have not reviewed them. taylor swift's album has sold 1.3 million copies for the biggest first week in an album in 12 years. in a bid to drive sales she with held it from subscription streaming services which offer users unlimited access to 25 million son sang cat -- >> she wants to party like it is "1989." >> she wants to "shake it off."
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>> morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> something that the going opponent asked the governor brown to do when he made the concession speech. >> two city vote on whether to tax soda and other sugary drinks but the outcomes are text. >> if san jose all the votes have been counted but no one here at the registrar of voters is willing to declare a winner in the race for san jose mayor. live doppler hd shows the light offshore wind developing and fog free forecast with warm temperatures even to the cost could be short-lived. this is a gorgeous look at the golden gate bridge between marin and san francisco, just a gorgeous drive. look at traffic though in the rest of by area: it is packed.
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i will tell you where everything is bunch
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weee hoooooo! live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning on wednesday
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after election day. thanks for joining us at 6:29. we will have those election results for the election day with the weather that should not have kept you away from the poll. >> coverage of weather and traffic and we will start with meteorologist mike nicco. happy hump day, everyone. good morning. look where the cloud deck: well off the coast. that is where it will stay. sunshine everywhere. warmer-than-average temperatures. check out the beautiful sunrises from sutro tower and the haze. today is the more hazy days. temperatures are up to five degrees warmer this morning with 40's and a lot low-to-mid 50's and everyone in the low 70's by noon and mid-70's by 4:00 and back in the home 60's at 7:00. not so cool during the evening hours. enjoy. san jose is starting to slow down and you can see the
6:31 am
headlights away from highway 17 slowing down ever-so-slightly and looking slow northbound highway 101 so at tully road you are on the brakes and then it clears and more slowing down at key road where the early crash cleared. northbound highway 101 a middle lane has a roth that was happening through morgan hill with major backups from gilroy and now up to 19 miles per hour. the speeds are picking up ever-so-slightly. it will be a slow ride into morgan hill. your voice, your vote. too close to call is the word on the most closely watched mayor races in san jose. sam lick electric leads dave cortese in the san jose mayor's race but there are a lot of ballots to count.
6:32 am
matt? a long night here finishing up counting all the precincts before 4:00 a.m. and with those votes in, sam liccardo is leading dave cortese in the san jose mayorallation by 2,100 votes but no one is saying that race is over. there are 120,000 main inballots to country and they estimate a third to half, 40,000 to 60,000 are from san jose and they could swing the election. the race is so close and liccardo and cortese say they have to wait until all votes can be counted to declare. the mail in ballots should be counted by this weekend. >> this race is not over with so many outstanding vote by mail ballots to be counted. >> when the ballots are
6:33 am
counseled they start on the provisional ballots. you can check at 5:00 each day and they will have an update. it will take 27 to certify the results with the official vote count december 2nd and anyone can ask for a recount. but that person will have to pay for it. >> the residents of oakland have spoke were. of 15 counts the city could have a new mayor. >> libby schaaf took the lead in voting with 62.8 percent. kaplan was second with 37 percent. schaaf got endorsements from governor brown and senator boxer but thousands of mail in ballots need to be counseled with 400,000 -- to be counted with
6:34 am
400,000 to be counted that have been mailed in. >> and berkeley approved the sugary soda tax by 75 percent to 25 percent. it only needed a simple majority but the penny an ounce exceeded the two they ares majority. in san francisco it was closer for the soda tax and did not get the needed two thirds to pass at two pennies an ounce on sugar drinks. >> governor brown was elected to an unprecedented 4th california is again showing the nation how things are done. >> we are showing a commitment
6:35 am
toking an adequate water supply and a rain any day fund and living in our means and doing the things a great state should and can do. >> fight for the kids of california, for the working families of california and reduce other poverty race. you have the power. neel kashkari conceded seven minutes after the polls closed. >> now the prepare sixes on the ballot starting with prop 1 and 2. the water bond at $7.5 million to help with future drought passed by a strong margin at 67 percent. proposition two, another measure the governor campaigned for won at 69 percent to 31 percent which amends the state constitution to keep money in
6:36 am
reserves. he pushed for passage of both propositions. >> voters defeat the proposition 48 to raise the cap on medical malpractice and require doctors to take drug and alcohol tests. there were a lost ads for that. medical professionals spent millions to defeat and it went down with "no," getting 67 percent. >> proposition 45 down to defeat by 67 percent giving the state insurance commissioner power to veto the rate hikes. >> and the criminal sentence puts the state at the national sentencing reform reclassifying heroin and meth possession and pet they theft from physical -- felony to misdemeanor. california is the first state to do so. >> deadly accident in san francisco with a search
6:37 am
happening right now involving a tanker truck. >> and voters saying "yes," to smoking pot. >> more election results as we take a short break.
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coming up on 6:40 and what to expect in an average november. san francisco starts off at 68 and 53 and down to 61 and 49. 38 and 86 are extremes up and to 10" of rain but we average 3.25 3.25". we have fire danger down in the higher elevations of los angeles and san diego with temperatures in the home 80's in the santa anas and lake tahoe at 63. walnut creek is managing to move along well here. you can see there are big gaps between the cars along 680 northbound and southbound, too, with southbound traffic quite heavy for a minute and now, it is all clearing. traffic is light and we are accident free right now with a
6:41 am
couple of minor accidents in the bay area but mostly the big story is the congestion and in the north by it look like the drive through petaluma down to 33 miles per hour as we make the drive to 116 and south of lakeville highway at 37 miles per hour. to the south, lucas county and mill valley all running at top speed along 101 and the golden gate bridge and you have this, a beautiful commute. 6:41 and were more election results ahead including a statewide race that actually is close between a democrat and a republican. >> a but target deficit, the texas teen who found himself trending on twitter shares his site of the social media
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. the breaking news is in san francisco. the search continues right new for the driver of a tanker truck who hit and killed a pedestrian. nick is in the tenderloin with more. >> we know the man was hit somewhere in the first 50 yards of the block here and we know that this section has been under discussion before from different community groups talking about the poor lighting and the need to widen the street.
6:45 am
look at the video we shot when we first arrived to the scene, an 18-wheeler, possibly a gasoline truck, hit and killed a man described in his mid-30's, a double tanker fuel truck, silver in color with dark-colored cab. because of the darkness cops are not certain the driver is aware he hit and killed someone. right now investigators do not have much to work with but they are hooking into the possible the truck may have been used to refuel pups -- pumps at a car rental company in the area. street widening and increased lighting has been discussed in the area. san francisco police are asking anyone who may have information or who may have seen anything contact the san francisco police department. your voice, your vote. we will continue our election coverage with the race for secretary of state.
6:46 am
>> incumbent was termed out so democrat versus the republican with a lot of money spent on this very close race and right now it looks like the lead is held over the republican, peterson, with 48 percent. state comptroller and it look like betty ye is leading. >> the school superintendent was close, as well, and you can see that tuck is behind at 48 percent, the republican. >> voters said yes to marijuana. two states legalized pot for recreational including in oregon and alaska approved recreational pots for adult, as well as washington, dc, but in thed with, that is being challenge build because it is a district,
6:47 am
not a state and congress can everrule the washington, dc, laws. in florida medical marijuana fell. >> voter turn out is low in midterm elections but we want to crate the people who actually did turnout to vote and these are the folks who sent selfies of themselves get the sticker confirming they voted and some took the children along to give them a look at the process. >> i want to see the jealous wonder. >> you don't. you do not. >> go faster. >> no, no, no, no...oman. >> look at that guy. >> look at my gray hair. i just finished working out. >> you worked here, full shift, voted did your yard work. very impressive. >> very motivated yesterday.
6:48 am
very sore today. only 220 people voted in my precinct at 4:30. i am not sure how big the precinct is but that seems pretty low. and the weather? >> your italian heritage maybe needs some grecian formula. >> i can say this because i have the most gray hair in the room. >> i give you that. >> could we move forward? >> light and variable wind is what we have right now on live doppler hd and potentially blowing offshore bringing real warmth. we have a marine layer and fog and we have a fog free forecast. look at this gorgeous sunrise,
6:49 am
the bay bridge is not going to be able to hold the the sun down. coastal fog and the biggest cooling for you the next few days. the warm the returns this weekend. from the east bay hills, it is hazy. according to the bay area air qualitiment district it is not a "spare the air"ç day. san francisco is seven degrees warmer-than-average and oakland is no one and everyone else is double digits at mid-70's to 80's and the coast has low-to-mid 70s. 82 in gilroy and santa cruz is 76 and 81 for milpitas to los gatos in between san jose at 79. and 78 to 80 loan -- along the peninsula and low 70 long the coast to sausalito and 79 to 81 through the north bay valley with santa rosa and napa at 81 and cloverdale at 83.
6:50 am
76 at berkeley and upper 70 to nearly 80's with castro valley the warm spot and 80 in fairfield and livermore and everyone else in the upper 70s. tonight, we have low clouds and they are along the coast and the values along the coast and upper 40's to low-to-mid 50's with high clouds and milder than this morning at five degrees warmer than yesterday. we have two areas of highway pressure pushed by the huge storm but it will miss us to the north and we are another day deeper into the forecast. to the south, mazatla no rain. >> my last report has an accident involving a motorcycle
6:51 am
on the bay bridge. look at this from our emeryville camera to the eastern span traffic is stopped. two lanes are taken away with tow trucks at the scene and flashing lights to treasure island so take a look at that, it is bumper-to-bumper traffic and this is what it is doing to the toll plaza and cars are not moving just barely if you have three or more people in the car pool lane it is the only lanes moving but it will be stopped to a while the it is 20 to 25-minute delay from the east bay. we have a brand new accident in san jose and northbound highway 85 two lanes are blocked and it is slug issue up to cupertino. seven things to know before you go. >> more election rules for you. but a new twist involving alex. went to talk about alex?
6:52 am
>> alex from target, he rose to internet fame after the pirs with posted on twitter but alex says he knows nothing about a marketing company taking credit if the photo's success. the picture was shared by a million people and a company called "breaker," say they discovered it after it was discovered by a reader in u.k. but the teen said he never heard of the company and does not know it was taken until the store manager showed him so whether it was a ploy that kids with part of or he was coopted without knowing it, it is a mystery to the plot thickens. >> we are coming back with? seven before you know. >> morning news continues but, first, more recollection results .
6:53 am
6:54 am
here are seven things it know today. this is the bay bridge with traffic barely inching by and they had an early accident involving a motorcycle right at treasure island. it look like things have been moved off to the side. on the maps, bumper-to-bumper traffic and 25 minutes from
6:55 am
emeryville to san francisco. two, sam liccardo leads dave cortese 51 to 48 percent with all precincts reporting but 120 mail-in ballots need to be counted. it could take four weeks to certify. >> in oakland, libby schaaf has pulled away of mayor quan declaring victory on twitter after taking the lead with 62.8 percent of veto kaplan's 37 percent. >> incumbent congressman honda is leading ro khanna with 100 percent districts reporting in democrat versus democrat, pitting a long-term politician against a tech savvy new comer. >> berkeley making history as the first united states city to pass a soda tax. voters approved measure d, a tax
6:56 am
on surey drink. voters in san francisco rejected a similar tax. >> rebound is holding a news conference to talk about the elections. democrats have been club bettered in off year ballots. republicans have full criminal -- full control of the congress. >> love this time of the year because we could get pictures life this with the shad degrees and -- with the shadows from 70 at the cost to 81 inland for the temperatures. >> we continue now online and on twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. >> complete election results are at in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic. during "good morning america" you can expect analysis of the races last night nationwide and the republican sweep. we have traffic
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good morning, america. republican revolution overnight. a sweeping victory from congress to state houses. >> we shook up the senate. you shook up the senate. >> voters across america handing the gop control of the senate. their largest majority in congress in decades. >> and we are going to make 'em squeal. >> this harley-riding military vet, the new republican rock star. democrats reeling. >> you are disappointed. and being disappointed is okay. >> our entire abc news political team here right now on the staggering defeat for the president and a seismic shift in washington. developing now, flash flood warning in texas. almost half a foot of rain overnight. as an arctic blast is set to set te


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